New Spring Collection in the Mask Shop

Introducing the newest collection! Spring always feels like a time of new beginnings, this year especially now that we have a vaccine! While the United States is making major strides to vaccinate, at the time of publishing the community immunity … Read More

Do Not Wear Masks Made of This Fabric!

As an apparel designer and head of product development for a myriad of companies, I am constantly searching and researching for the best materials. Sometimes I feel like it’s a never ending quest because new materials are always coming out!  … Read More

MPress Atelier Double Mask Effect

Since launching the The Atelier Mask Shop, I’m continually researching the best fabrics, materials, and design features to achieve the most protective fabric face mask without sacrificing design. Since we must wear face masks, I wanted to make a mask … Read More

Inauguration Day 2021

An Historical Day Full of Firsts Powerful women in royal purple suits & the bold jewel tone colors are seen around the world. A Return to Grace, Respect, Diplomacy, and beautifully paired overcoats & masks featuring American designers.  The Significance … Read More

Story Behind MPress Atelier

MPress Atelier Is a Female-lead Design Studio & Consultancy that creates unique, sustainable, artisan, designs that support health & happiness. Leading up to 2020, I lived in New York City and focused on building a custom clothier & fashion consultancy … Read More