New Spring Collection in the Mask Shop

Introducing the newest collection! Spring always feels like a time of new beginnings, this year especially now that we have a vaccine! While the United States is making major strides to vaccinate, at the time of publishing the community immunity threshold is still a long way away. This means that until we get there, the most effective way to keep ourselves and those around us healthy & safe is to continue to wear face masks, maintain social distancing practices, and wash our hands. Basically everything we’ve been doing for the past year is still necessary to slow the spread.

Spring Collection Inspiration

After a year of this life changing pandemic, I think we’ve all reached a level of fatigue which inspired me to create a collection of whimsical prints balanced with fresh simplicity and designed to wear for any occasion for both adults and kids! Each mask is designed to align with the most up to date CDC recommendations and Scientific Studies. I sourced only natural fabrics –  cotton, linen, and silk – selecting organic options whenever possible. I focused heavily on 100% cotton as new research continues to demonstrate cotton is the best fabric for reusable face masks. Since I started creating masks, the design, silhouette, and structure has evolved with 3 – 4 layers of fabric to create the Double Mask effect, combined with concealed nose wire and adjustable elastic ear loops to give the best fitted, most protective and comfortable mask.

For all these reasons and more, my inspiration was to create a collection of face masks that are fun to coordinate with your outfit & mood. I can say with certainty that even after herd immunity is reached – which could still take a while – I will continue to mask up when travelling or when in tight quarters with large groups of people. Masks have entered the fashion lexicon and finishing your look now includes a properly coordinating mask!

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