MPress Atelier Double Mask Effect

Since launching the The Atelier Mask Shop, I’m continually researching the best fabrics, materials, and design features to achieve the most protective fabric face mask without sacrificing design. Since we must wear face masks, I wanted to make a mask people want to wear. Because of this I felt a purpose to help stop the spread of COVID. I am always searching for the latest science, research, and trends on personal protective equipment. I am constantly reading up to make sure my masks measure up!

During President Biden’s Inauguration I noticed a shift in mask wearing. Look past everyone wearing a mask, which was a welcome symbolic change with he new administration, but also a topic for another conversation. Did you see how our leaders and their guests took it up a notch? They wore 2 masks; a reusable cloth mask worn over a disposable surgical mask!

Turns out this concept has been the foundation of my face mask designs from the start, I just never had a clever name for it. It’s called “double masking” and the concept is now a hot topic to fight against since White House Advisor and Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. Anothy Fauci, endorsed it during his interview with NBC News’ TODAY.

Simply insert a filter of your choice into any mask and you have the “double mask” effect endorsed by Dr. Fauci. All masks in my Mask Shop are designed with 3 layers of tightly woven natural fabric and pocket for a filter to add a 4th layer of protection. A concealed nose wire & adjustable ear loops seals the deal for a super protective & breathable mask.